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About us

Heading :

GOLDEN ASSOCIATE is an individually owned company. The owner, Ramkrishna Mishra worked for eight years from 2003 to 2011 in a job and then he started this company,GOLDEN ASSOCIATE on his own.

International Projects :

SABMiller with the construction of its planned 260,000 hectolitre brewery in Namibia has planned to invest in a 750ml returnable bottle packaging line and warehousing facilities with an estimated invest of N$ 360 million.The Namibian Brewery is to be one of SABMiller’s most efficient and environmentally friendly breweries of this size in the world.

The company,GOLDEN ASSOCIATE has started a huge project with SABMiller Namibia(Pty) Limited,established by SABMiller to house the operations of this brewery in Namibia.

Domestic Projects :

United Breweries Group,better known a UB Group is an Indian conglomerate company having its core business including beverages,aviation,chemicals and others.Having greater than 40% share of Indian brewing market has been the largest producer of beer in India alongwith 79 distilleries and bottling units across the world.

GOLDEN ASSOCIATE has adapted various projects of UB group,specifically UB Mumbai and UB Bangalore.

Golden Associate provides mainly five services :

Equipment Erication:

Mechanical equipment erection work is one of Brewery Project Construction. Simple development tracing sheet for mechanical equipment erection work is constructed based on the particular work steps and weight factors for the different equipment group.

Piping Febrication :

WBS element “Steel Fabrication” is another level of pipe rack fabrication s

Welding :

This is a kind of welding. It is vital for joining pieces of sheet metal or wire.

Hot & Cold Insulation :

It is very important to choose fist for either hot insulation or cold insulation. Both are cost friendly and effective. But you have to choose what will be best for your company.

Design :

we do the designing part too. Except the designing you cant start and proceed a brewary company. We will do it for you and we provide our service within time.