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Brewery Project Construction includes Mechanical equipment erection work. the particular work steps and weight factors for the different equipment group is the base of the construction of Simple development tracing sheet for mechanical equipment erection work. man hour weightage and weight progress of each equipment group are included into Progress summary for all type of equipment calculation. The additional resources can be found out in Weight factors for Mechanical Equipment Installation. Equipment tracker sheet along with progress tracking sheet is included in it. Equipment erection tracker sheet has the work of listing equipment tag number, project area, installation status, work packages and quantity (weight).

Progress tracking sheet also summarize weightage calculation, individual progress, overall progress calculation, progress summary by project area and work packages. But, one must remember that there is a slight difference in the format of erection tracker sheet and progress tracking sheet.

The work steps to make tracker sheet & calculation sheet are as following- :

1)chipping & padding, 2) lifting and rigging, 3) alignment and bolting, 4) grouting and 5) clear punch list for mechanical static equipments group (column & vessel, shell & tube heat exchanger and tower).

For rotating equipments such as pump, compressor and blower, it is made from :

chipping & padding, 2) lifting and rigging, 3) levelling & grouting, 4) preliminary alignment, 5) final alignment and 6) clear punch list.